January 04, 2017

Christmas is a wrap!

I'm so excited that I've finished my Christmas layouts and it's only the first week of January! All of these layouts were started in the app and then the embellishments were added using the Over app. I savemy  digital scrapbooking supplies in Dropbox for easy access.

Are you finished scrapbooking Christmas layouts? The Project Life System helps you get it done fast and festive!


  1. I love your page Valerie ...I acatually didn't even realise you had a blog until now ...you have really inspired me to get back into my Project Life too ...I managed to stay on top of Christmas using the PL App ...but I really love playing with the physical cards and photos ...and I've really enjoyed making friends with you over Instragram these last few months ...have a fabulous day <3 Leanne (moorepurple)

  2. oh dear ....sorry for the typos ...I should have proof-read before hitting publish ;)

  3. Thank you Leanne! I've really enjoyed this past year having a new friend in another continent! I'm glad you are staying current with PL. The beauty of the system is the freedom to scrapbook in the way that works best for you. I use a combination of app and digital. Like you, I just can't commit to just one! Oh, and by the way, your pages are beautiful!!